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Metaverse ALL

24/7 Online in Metaverse at Mindfly's Galleries


Don’t have an expo nearby or can’t wait? Don’t worry you can simultaneously explore our collections in our metaverse art galleries! With galleries in emerging metaverse, you can explore the future whilst discovering talented artists around the world!

Jump into Substrata and explore yourself:
1. Download Substrata
2. If on Windows run the .exe to install, alternatively on Mac OS install the .pkg or on Linux extract the tar and run the executable.
3. Launch Substrata
4. Navigate to the top and select Go to Parcel under Go
5. We have a number of different Galleries open for this exhibition. Simply enter one of these (Will be emailed upon form sign up) and you will be teleported to the gallery, alternatively you can walk around the galleries at you own leisure as they are conviniently located on the same block.

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