Redefining your senses

23 Apr 2022      Brisbane
12-16 Mar 2022  Melbourne


Your creativity isn’t limited, so why should your art be? OZNFT club is merging Traditional and Blockchain based artwork to bring together the best parts of both! Crossing the barriers of traditional and digital art, OZNFT club brings an exhibition like no other. So come along with us to discover the future of art and have a FREE drink together!

Introducing our first Art Expo at the MetaGallery on the Gold Coast, hosted by OZNFT club. We can't wait to see their amazing artwork! Brought to you by Mindfly, MetaBar and PUML. 

Inspired by the creations of NFT artists around the world, the Touring NFT Art Exhibition will be rolled out to art galleries in major Cities around the world: Brisbane, Melbourne and more! The winners of our Art of the World Competition will be eligible to have their artwork displayed in the art galleries.

Brisbane venue: 64 Griffith Street, Coolangatta 4225 QLD  (11am-2pm)

Melbourne venue: L2, 124 Exhibition Street, VIC

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