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Yacht Fun

End of the year 2022

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MINDFLY is built on our community, and therefore we aim to inspire collaboration between all our members. We believe our M-Passport holders and our creators are both important pillars to our innovative platform. Thats why we will host different events for our members, all around the world.

The founders of Mindfly are NFT and blockchain enthusiasts, and as early supporters of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), we will host yacht 4 parties for our Passport holders and accredited creators, as well other invited partners. We will have various different themes for upcoming Yacht parties.

Our First yacht party will take place in Australia (On the Gold Coast), in Q4 2022. If you are a M-Passport holder, you will be eligible to join in the fun! Afterwards, Mindfly will decide upcoming themes and locations, according to the desires of our Citizens.

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